I am so glad I hired Simon for my logo design/branding & business cards!

Incredible is the first word that comes to mind. It's so refreshing to be able to pick up the phone and deal with someone with an intuitive, no-nonsense, straight down the line approach.

Simon was highly professional, understood exactly what I was trying to achieve right from the first phone call, incredibly talented and to top it off - stayed within a very limited budget. The end result is a design that everyone who see's it is impressed with. Good work Simon & thank you! 

(5 Star Google Review)

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Logos Design - the process

What is a logo, why do you need one and how long does it take to create one.

What is a logo and why do I need one?

The simple truth is that a Logo is the corner stone of a business. It is a visual focal point that your clients, your competition and your peers can see that helps set you apart from them and allows you to represent yourself in a unique way.

How long does it take and what is involved.

Logos tend to take the time they take. They are based upon the preferences of the client and they can be as simple or as complicated, as bland or as colourful, fun or serious, exciting or dull as you are required to design them.

Usually they are designed by understanding the complexity of the business first, the colour, graphical and font preferences of the client. The need of the business to show certain qualities or features.

Once taken into account a logo can be devised and arrived at relatively quickly. 

Sometime a Logo can take longer to design because a client needs to expell an idea that they might have been dwelling on and the only way they can do that is to see it. Also a client might just enjoy the creative process and until all stones are upturned they dont feel satisfied that the journey has ended.

Every person searching for a Logo is different.

My Logo Philosophy

No two companies are identical.

Your Qualities and Benefits should be reflected.

You should be excited by your own logo or identity.

Others should be excited and drawn to your logo or identity.

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